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Miami Migration

Birds of Brooklyn will be featured at Pulse Miami Beach contemporary art fair on December 4 -7, 2014 during Art Basel Miami. As an extension of the Brooklyn-based project, Birds of Brooklyn: Migration Miami will¬†create a dialogue between the ghosts of these two cities. Visitors will hear over 70 different recordings of endangered and bygone […]

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Wild Bird Fund Center

The new Wild Bird Fund Center has opened on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Each year, the Wild Bird Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3), provides emergency care for over 1000 wild birds and animals in New York City. Please consider giving a donation to help the wild birds and animals of New York City.

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Singing Out of Key

Recent study shows that the noise of the city really does affect our bird neighbors: Steve Nowicki studies animal communication and says young songbirds learn from older ones, so after a while differences in style emerge.¬†“We know that birds can be attentive to very subtle differences in their songs in the context of choosing whom […]

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